Marin IJ, Jan Pehrson is the former Sailing Columnist for the Marin Independent Journal Newspaper

Jan Pehrson is the former Sailing Columnist for the Marin Independent Journal Newspaper, published in Marin County, California. Between 2003 and 2008, she published many dozens of articles -- nearly 100 -- about Marin County sailors.

For copies of Jan's articles, shown below by publication date, search the Marin IJ archives, or contact Jan through the "Meet Jan" section of this site. 

2008_07_30 MarinIJ_Cayards Finish Race to Hawaii in Third Place

2008_07_22 Marin IJ_Cayard Family on Track for PacCup Trophies

2008_07_17 Marin IJ_Next Generation of Cayards Head to Sea

2008_07_03 Marin IJ_Rail Meat

2008_06_26 Marin IJ_Youth Champs

2008_05_22 Marin IJ_Kostecki trains on Multihulls for DoG Cup

2008_04_24 Marin IJ_Youth sailing programs prep for summer

2008_03_16 Marin IJ_Body of Larkspur Sailor found

2008_03_06 Marin IJ_San Rafael Sailors Capture the Arctic Grail

2008_01_24 Marin IJ_Coach Adam Bennett Builds Opti Program

2008_01_02 Marin IJ_Antoine Screve wins Orange Bowl

2007_12_27 Marin IJ_Schooner Seaward Cruises Mexico

2007_11_22 Marin IJ_Cal vs. Stanford The Big Sail

2007_10_25 MarinIJ_Don Jesberg at Finn Olympic Trials

2007_09_27 MarinIJ_The Billionaire and The Mechanic

2007_08_23 MarinIJ_Chavez wins Kiteboarding Nationals

2007_06_28 MarinIJ_Timothy Ballard and Transpac

2007_05_24 MarinIJ_Summer Sailstice

2007_04_26 MarinIJ_YRA and Yellow Bluff Buoy

2007_03_29 Marin IJ_St Francis & Kite Surfing

2007_02_22 Marin IJ_Cayard & World Sailing League

2007_01_25 Marin IJ_Rob Moore Key West

2006_12_28 Marin IJ_Optimist Dinghy

2006_11_23 Marin IJ_Herb Meyer & Disabled Sailing

2006_10_12 Marin IJ_Rikard Grunnan

2006_09_28 Marin IJ_Star Worlds

2006_09_04 Marin IJ_YRA and Jeff Zarwell

2006_07_30 Marin IJ_Pac Cup

2006_07_27 Marin IJ_SYC Junior Program & Dee Smith

2006_06_27 Marin IJ_VOR Finish Cayard 2nd

2006_06_22 Marin IJ_CorinthianYC

2006_06_10 Marin IJ_Geronimo

2006_05_25 Marin IJ_VOR Atlantic Crossing

2006_04_29 Marin IJ_VOR Baltimore Photo Finish

2006_04_27 Marin IJ_Matt Jones Speed Sailing

2006_03_30 Marin IJ_Sailing Schools

2006_03_25 Marin IJ_VOR Cayard Rests

2006_03_22 Marin IJ_VOR Kostecki to Skipper

2006_03_02 Marin IJ_VOR Cayard emails Marin

2006_02_23 Marin IJ_Corinthian MidWinters Wrap

2006_02_04 Marin IJ_VOR Cayard Breaks Down

2006_01_26 Marin IJ_Gutenkunst wins Orange Bowl

2005_12_06 Marin IJ_VOR Cayard Near Sinking

2005_11_24 Marin IJ_Norbert Bajurin & Americas Cup

2005_11_11 Marin IJ_Volvo Ocean Race Start

2005_10_26 Marin IJ_Sweeney & Smith Lead Africans

2005_09_29 Marin IJ_Dawn Riley & French AC Team

2005_08_25 Marin IJ_High School Sailors Top Ranked

2005_08_03 Marin IJ_Cayard to skipper Black Pearl

2005_07_28 Marin IJ_Kostecki off BMW Oracle

2005_07_11 Marin IJ_29er Worlds

2005_06_23 Marin IJ_Kostecki Skippers BMW Oracle

2005_06_13 Marin IJ_Camp Clipper

2005_05_26 Marin IJ_Kids Summer Sailing Camps

2005_05_05 Marin IJ_Tompkins leave Marin

2005_04_28 Marin IJ_Marin Catholic in Nationals

2005_03_24 Marin IJ_Midwinter Racing Wraps

2005_02_03 Marin IJ_Liz Baylis Olympic Bid

2004_12_13 Marin IJ_SYC Files AC Challenge

2004_11_01 Marin IJ_Pamela Power

2004_10_19 Marin IJ_Valencia Act3 Wrap

2004_10_14 Marin IJ_Valencia Act2 Wrap

2004_09_20 Marin IJ_Big Boat Series Day4

2004_09_19 Marin IJ_Big Boat Series Day3

2004_09_18 Marin IJ_Big Boat Series Day2

2004_09_17 Marin IJ_Big Boat Series Day1

2004_09_16 Marin IJ_Big Boat Series Intro

2004_09_12 Marin IJ_Farr 40 Worlds Day4

2004_09_11 Marin IJ_Farr 40 Worlds Day3

2004_09_10 Marin IJ_Farr 40 Worlds Day2

2004_09_09 Marin IJ_Farr 40 Worlds Day1

2004_09_07 Marin IJ_Farr 40 Worlds Intro

2004_08_29 Marin IJ_Ocean Voyages

2004_06_10 Marin IJ_Wooden Boat Tour

2004_06_03 Marin IJ_Molly Carapiet

2004_03_29 Marin IJ_Cayard Olympic Trials.

2004_03_28 Marin IJ_Cayard Olympic Trials.

2004_03_26 Marin IJ_Cayard Olympic Trials.

2004_03_25 Marin IJ_Cayard Olympic Trials

2004_03_24 Marin IJ_Cayard Olympic Trials

2004_02_22 Marin IJ_Melissa Purdy

2003_10_21 Marin IJ_Star North Ams

2003_09_23 Marin IJ_Moet Wrap

2003_09_16 Marin IJ_Moet John Kostecki

2003_09_10 Marin IJ_Moet Announcement

2003_08_28 Marin IJ_SilverMedals in Athens

2003_08_23 Marin IJ_Paul Cayard

2003_07_07 Marin IJ_Steve Jones

2003_06_05 Marin IJ_Tina Kleinjen

2003_01_23 Marin IJ_Stewart Felker

2003_01_14 Marin IJ_John Sweeney