Hurricane Dorian Fundraiser Poster

Poster courtesy of the by the Exuma Sailing Community

SPECIAL BAHAMIAN WOODEN SLOOP REGATTAS BEING SAILED IN THE BAHAMAS TO BENEFIT RELOCATING FAMILIES DISPLACED BY HURRICANE DORIAN: The Bahamas consists of a chain of islands spread out over some 500 miles in the Atlantic Ocean. Hurricane Dorian caused terrible damage in the Northern Bahamas, especially in the islands of "The Abacos" and "Grand Bahama." Many families have been forced to leave this destroyed area, bringing nothing with them but their lives. Most Bahamian islands were not effected by the hurricane as they were far away from the epicenter.

Some of the displaced families are relocating to the Bahamian Islands hundreds of miles to the south known as "The Exumas." The people of the Exumas are helping these families relocate by building housing for them, buying food vouchers for them, and by organizing fundraising sailing regattas ...  The $7,000 raised from last weekend’s first regatta was given directly to the George Town high school and primary school to buy textbooks for the new kids who moved to Exuma because of the storm.

The Exumas sloop sailing community is taking action... To donate directly to these efforts, go to the DONATE button on the Exuma Foundation's website