Southwinds Magazine, Bahamian Youth Sailing

Click on the picture to read more!! Bahamian Youth Sailing

Article and Photos by Jan Pehrson, Group photo by Skip Williams

….. With thanks to Dallas Knowles and Robert Dunkley for all their help with this article

Kids in the Bahamas have options …

They can race fiberglass Optimist Dinghies according to the International Rules. They can race wooden E-Class sloops according to the Bahamian Racing Rules. Or they can do both!

The question is .. How do you expose new sailors to the worldwide sport of sailing and preserve the delicate tradition of wooden boat building and racing in The Bahamas? There is a balance to be found between “this is how the rest of the world sails” and “this is how we do it.”

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Scuttlebutt Sailing News, Long Island Bahamas Regatta

Click on the picture to read more!! Traditional Bahamian sloops gather for the 52th Annual Long Island Regatta in Salt Pond, Long Island, The Bahamas. The cover photo is of sloop “Rufff Justice” skippered by Joshua Knowles, of Clarence Town, Long Island, 4th place Class-A regatta winner.

This sailing regatta is the second largest in The Bahamas. Skippers from throughout The Bahamas compete for cash prizes and trophies in A, B, and C class races. Some of the sailing sloops that take part in the regatta are built right on the island in the settlement of Mangrove Bush.

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Southwinds Magazine, The Bahamas Lose a Sailing Legend

Click on the picture to read more!! The Bahamas lose a sailing legend. The Passing of Eleazor Johnson.

Affectionately called “Barber J” or “The Sailing Barber,” Johnson leaves dual legacies

…. He kept the community looking good, and brilliantly promoted Bahamian racing sloop regattas, making a lasting mark

Eleazor Johnson will be very much missed. His passing at age 80 in Nassau on January 16th leaves the many people that he mentored reflecting on his contributions. “The Sailing Barber” had a love for people, knew everybody, and was a big talker. He is no longer cutting hair at his barber shops, no longer promoting and organizing sailing, but his memory lives on.

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Southwinds Magazine, 39th Annual George Town Cruising Regatta

Click on the picture to read more!! 2019 George Town Cruising Regatta

Article by Leanne Lord and Jon Charlton, Photos by Jan Pehrson

Sailing our home to first place! — Star sailors do battle again after 35 years, this time racing cruising catamarans…

 Once again we sailed our 46 foot Leopard catamaran, Lord Charlton, to Great Exuma, Bahamas for the 39th Annual George Town Cruising Regatta, Feb. 13 - 27. With over 270 boats in the harbor this is the place to be for 2 weeks of nonstop competitions and events going on every day. It is like being at a camp for adults.

We were looking forward to racing the “Round Stocking Island Race” on Friday Feb 22 and the “In Harbor Race” on Sunday Feb 24. But it was the Round the Island Race we were really geared up for.

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Southwinds Magazine, Best of the Best Regatta

Click on the picture to read more!! .... water and land come together into a true Bahamian experience broadcast live on TV

Sailed in Montagu Bay, Nassau, Bahamas from December 6-9, the Best of the Best Regatta crowned a new champion in the A, B and C classes of Bahamian sloop sailing with the New Legend, Susan Chase and New Slaughter winning in their respective classes. The 3rd Best of the Best Regatta was the first regatta broadcast cannon to cannon on local television, drawing the largest Bahamian TV audience of any programming including NFL football. Thousands of spectators came out to watch unique Bahamian sailing and enjoy the sights and sounds in the Regatta Village.

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Southwinds Magazine, Is the Tide Turning for Tida Wave

Click on the picture to read more!! A generations-old island rivalry rises-up in the Bahamian out-islands  .. as sloop sailors from Exuma fight to retain their lead against the “Long Island Boys” and other challengers.

I have always wanted to sail in the Bahamas -- a chain of about 700 islands winding nearly 750 miles off the coast of the United States and Cuba, about 30 or 40 inhabited.

Legendary among sailors is the jewel-like archipelago of the Exuma island chain, arguably the best sailboat cruising grounds in the world….

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Southwinds Magazine, Secrets of Riding the Pry

Click on the picture to read more!! Secrets of “Riding the Pry” Revealed – Pry riders are not your average rail meat! Better pay attention to what’s going on – or you will find yourself swimming!

The most spectacular of my regatta photographs are of “riding the pry” – crews sitting on the pry boards, perched one behind the other, high over the water, feet dangling in the air, with nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing to hold onto but the plank they sit on, smiles on their faces. From a distance, pry riders appear to be hanging on with their buts for dear life, but when closely viewed through my telephoto lens, many   --- amazingly -- appear cool, calm, and collected while rocketing through space over water.

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Scuttlebutt - Celebrating the sport in the Bahamas - May, 2018

Click on the picture to read more!! While design development in sailing continues to leap forward, what remains unchanged in our sport is the community which surrounds established class organization. These types of boats may not deliver the latest performance experience, but the bigger picture brings together history and comradery.

Said Aristotle, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

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The Bahamas Investor Magazine July-December 2017

Photos of Bahamian Racing Sloops by Jan Pehrson -- click "Read More -->" below to see ... 

In the Fall & Winter edition of The Bahamas Investor, Michele Thompson (cover), country managing partner at EY Bahamas, highlights the strength and versatility of the archipelago's financial services sector and adds that EY Bahamas is "on a fast track to growth." 

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Southwinds Magazine, Catch Me If You Can Regatta

Click on the picture to read more!! “Catch Me If You Can” Regatta in Nassau – Fast and Fun and Chaos!  A day in the life of a Bahamian Sloop Racing Committee Chairman

“What’s that shotgun doing on the race committee boat?” I wondered. More than a little apprehensive, I calmed my nerves and climbed onto Stafford Armbrister’s power boat.

Armbrister, commodore and race chairman of the “Catch Me If You Can” regatta held in Nassau on February 19th, picked me up at the dock a bit late. He’d stopped by the bank first to pick up the prize money for the winning skippers, and -- as he needed bills in small denominations -- this took a little time.

Let me explain.

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Southwinds Magazine, First Annual Bahamian “Best of the Best” Regatta

Click on the picture to read more!! First Annual Bahamian “Best of the Best” Regatta – The Best Bahamian Racing Sloops and Skippers sail off in Nassau December 1-4, 2016

I arrived at the “Best of the Best” Regatta by blind luck. At 2 AM on a dark and moonless Saturday morning, November 26, my friend Captain Ken and I left Biscayne Bay, Florida under sail for the Bahamas on his Morgan Out Island 36 sailboat, Slowpoke.

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Southwinds Magazine, 62nd Annual Family Island Regatta, Georgetown, Exuma, Bahamas

Click on the picture to read more!! Continuing the 62-year-old Tradition – the National Family Island Regatta of the Bahamas, April  21-25, 2015

For people growing  up in the  Bahamas  in  the  old days,  sailing  was  not  a pastime but a way of life. On the  outer  islands  and  small cays sailing was the only transportation. Out of this environment, outstanding sailors and boat builders developed.

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